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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hey everyone! Once again I am so sorry for not writing sooner. Aim keeps me pretty busy
and I find myself barely even getting on the computer these days. Well, in these pictures taken today, I am 32 weeks pregnant. YIKES! My mom bought us a crib this week(YAY MOM) and then I bought this cute little canopy thing. It is sooo girly and I love it! Also, my lovely husband has stripped and painted his wooden drawers from when he was a kid and those will go in Aspen's room. I love anything he makes. He is amazing at building, remodeling, and restoring things. Everyone should get themselves a "GUY". I am starting to get excited simply because we are acquiring baby things and it is so much fun! We are taking one childbirth class that goes all day long on Nov. 4, (I hope we will be there. Our friends Dougle and Lucy have a baby due the next day, so we may be in a waiting room that day.) and then pretty much from there on out the baby is on her way! I am seriously so scared, but I am just praying it will be a quick and painless delivery. Yeah right, what fantasy am I living in? :-) Well, I hope to write you soon. At the rate I am going, averaging one update every two months, the baby will be here next time I inform you of anything. See you soon - Nancy

Friday, September 08, 2006