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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This is our 32 week ultrasound. The left picture is Aspen's face. She is on her side and you can see her chubby cheek,eye, and forehead. The right one is her arm and hand (or so I'm told) I am terrible at seeing these and Guy has to tell me what is going on. The doctor tried to confirm that she is a girl today, but could not get her in the right position. So, we are just hoping she will be a girl and we won't have to dress a boy like a girl for a year, with all the pink clothes she has.

Hey! Well, I wanted to introduce you to Miss Thang's closet and bedroom. She has a crazier closet than me and she isn't even here yet! I can definetely see how she is becoming "it" in our lives. :-) Everyone told me I would have to move over and she would be queen, but I never thought it would happen before she even got here. HAHA! I am actually loving it! The dresser you see was Guy's when he was a child. It was brown, but he stripped it and painted it for Aspen.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yesterday was our big baby shower. It was absolutely AWESOME!! My friends, Katie, Kim, Denyce, Barbara, Carla, Sarah, Ann, Alisha, and My Wonderful sister in law Jessica who could not be there, helped host my shower. God is so good to bless us with such great friends. We received a stroller, this cool jeep in the picture, a swing, monitors, a diaper genie, about 40 outfits, a pair of nike booties, a hotpink pair of ostrich skin boots, several blankets, and the list goes on and on. My mom gave Lucy and I matching outfits for Canaan and Aspen. In the picture I am holding the little Christmas dress she got Aspen, and Lucy received a Santa outfit for Canaan. Thank you to everyone who blessed us with these gifts! Click here to see more pictures of the Baby Shower.