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Thursday, October 18, 2007


I am not sure why it is exciting, but Aspen officially has a tooth. She has been teething forever and it was getting to the point that when I told people that, they were like "Ok...sure Nancy...where are the teeth?" Last night I stayed home from church with Aspen because she had a touch of fever and was really sleepy. As I was about to put her to sleep I saw a little white thing at the top of her mouth. I felt it and it was a bit sharp. So, she is cutting the top left tooth and then today Guy discovered that the top right front tooth is about to break through as well. Guy said that at Christmas she is going to have to sing, "All I want for Christmas is my other teeth", since she will have her two front teeth. I am just so happy for her. This is a fun little milestone that means she is that much closer to eating REAL food. I was so worried that she would have to eat pudding for her birthday. :-) Congratulations baby!!!
This is the day before we found the cute little tooth!

Monday, October 15, 2007


We had such a good time when Dougle and Lucy were here. We all are of course exhausted parents of babies and so we opted out of going out on the town and doing a bunch of sight seeing. We decided instead to cook dinner at home and just enjoy being with each other. Dougle did get viciously attacked by a stingray, but I think he'll be ok. You'll have to ask him about our man-eating stingrays. Nevertheless it was a very relaxing time with our friends and a good way to say goodbye before they leave for Moscow. Canaan and Aspen had a great time playing together, bathing together, napping together, and crying together. They are going to be great pals one day, and I'm sure will love us when years from now we break out the pictures of them bathing together. Enjoy the pics of these cute kids. We love you Dougle, Lucy, and Canaan!

Canaan and Aspen had too much fun when Dougle and Lucy came to visit. Aspen doesn't look too thrilled with me taking a picture though.

Already butting heads at a young age.

Reading to my babies

Aren't they the sweetest kids you have ever seen?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Dougle and Lucy are here

We are so happy because Dougle, Lucy, and Canaan came to visit us for a few days!! We are having a lot of fun just being able to sit around and be our crazy selves with people who know us VERY well. My mom came to church yesterday to see them and after church she took Lucy and I to Babies R Us to buy clothes and toys for the kids. We are so spoiled by her. Then today we went to a Russian store that Dougle knew about and checked out all of the different foods they have. I didn't find much of anything I wanted and Dougle basically just wanted KVAC which is a NON-ALCOHOLIC nasty fermented drink that he lives for. SO...he bought that and when we were leaving I said, "Um yeah I guess there is nothing about Russia food that I really miss". I know I miss Russia but definitely am not a big fan of their candies and foods. The candy bar I most miss from Moscow is actually Swiss I think. So they have only been here a couple of days and we are already sad about them leaving. I will keep you posted on our upcoming adventures.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Some cute new pics of our little monkey!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Aspen can finally wear her cowgirl boots that Lindsay bought her. I wanted to tell Lindsay however that it took forever to get those boots on. We did it just for you Lindsay...ENJOY the Pics.
Aspen was a little wobbly with her boots on. She pulled up on her bench and then came tumbling down. Her daddy was having a little talk with her about it.