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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We are soooo excited to take our vacation this week. We have only taken four days off since we have been here so we have about 10 left until January 1st. We are taking off for a week starting today and then Guy will take some off when the baby comes as well! We love to travel but honestly are exhausted from a summer of fun with the teens. We have decided to go to Padre Island in Corpus Christi and are leaving tomorrow!! We are staying at a hotel on the beach and are planning on just playing in the ocean with Aspen and really relaxing. I am especially excited about the smoothie bar our hotel has right on the beach. I am sure I will visit that several times! Hope all of you have a great week. We will write more when we get back after the 1st of September! I will leave you with some pictures we took with some of our best friends here when we went to Moody Gardens in Galveston!!

Aspen and her best bud Elyssa who is 2 years

Emma(4), Aspen and Elyssa

Yes that is Aspen's diaper that is falling out. Aren't we great parents??

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Updates on Aspen

You know most of what I write on here is so I can go back and look at it one day. I do not journal anymore due to lack of time and so this is my way to remember what happens in life. I was watching Aspen today and just admiring some of the things she does! Every time she sees any of the kids in the youth group she sticks her fist out and wants them to give her knuckles. When they do she says, "DUN". They all love to do this with her. When she gets in trouble for something she runs straight to me and kisses me and says, "sawey Nanny" (sorry nanny). We always want to laugh so bad but we try to hold it in for the sake of discipline. Today Guy was counting and when he got to six Aspen added, "seven" and then he said eight and she said, "nine". I didn't know she could do this but I felt very appreciative to Sesame Street which she has to watch every morning. She runs in the living room yelling, "ELMO". She also fills in the missing letters to her ABC's and can tell us what several colors are. I am not sure if she is advanced but I think she is super smart! :-) She loves crowds and any time there is a big youth event at our house she is sooo happy to entertain all of our guests! She sings Twinkle Twinkle and Jesus Loves Me while dancing and when she sees a star on anything she says, "tinkle tinkle". She is very loving lately and anytime I ask for a hug or kiss I get one. She loves to read books and is really a mamma's girl which I love. I thank God for the baby girl he has given me. I feel like I enjoy her more and more everyday and that makes me excited about the new baby as well. Children are such blessings!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Visitors and My baby girl

We have been blessed to have a lot of friends come visit us over the past months but this past couple of weeks some of our best friends came to town. Robby and Carla came and stayed a week and they were not only a lot of fun but also a big help to us. Carla helped me with Aspen and Robby helped Guy install a new door and do some MANLY things around the house! We had such a good time with them. We love you guys!! Enjoy the pics we took recently! Some are really random!

Aspen's Grandma Wanda bought her some new books and toys and she is seen here playing with her new things!

This is totally random, but Dougle and Lucy came to visit in April and I just found this picture and thought it was so sweet. Auntie Lucy was successful at getting Aspen to sleep while I went to the store!

I really wanted her to look at the camera but was really never successful! She is my sweet girl though!

Carla and I went shopping and when we came home we found Robby on this couch and Guy and Aspen asleep on the couch in the pic below. We thought it was soo sweet!

Monday, August 04, 2008


I am lame. Did I really just write that title?? Well, we found out today that we are having DUN DUH DUHHHHHH....another GIRL!!!!!! We are very excited. Guy is taking it like a trooper. Actually he is really happy but all he can think of is paying for weddings and having a house full of girls!!! :-) I left the Dr. today and went straight to Babies R Us to look for a celebratory outfit! We bought little pink converse shoes the day we found out about Aspen and today I looked but was just too picky. In a few days I will look again!

Currently we are waiting for Tropical Storm Eduardo to hit us. The name sounds so suave and cool, but really it is just a mean storm. It keeps being upgraded to Hurricane status and then goes back down. If you look on the map though it is seriously headed right for our house!!
Our new house is just north of Galveston so they are shutting jobs down and everyone is supposed to stay in and wait it out. At Walmart today there were only three loaves of bread left and no water left! CRAZY!! We have gas in the car and plenty of water in case they call for an evactuation, though I think it is a little late for that! So, we are excited about our ten inches of rain and possibility of no electricity!!! :-)Tonight we took the teens to SYS(Summer Youth Series) and there was no one there because of the Hurricane! We felt very cool that we showed up! I am sure the "SMART" people who have actually been in Hurricanes did not go for a reason. Guy and I are hilarious because we keep comparing it to Tornadoes. We both grew up around them so they are not as scary. I think we are pretty naive though and forget a hurricane hits more than a small area!! So, Pray for us!