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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Catching up

So I have not blogged in 3 months. We had a busy summer and my dad got sick and things just were not easy to where I could blog. We are all doing great now though. Sydney is 9 months old and Aspen will be 3 in 2 months. 4 weeks ago I discovered that Syd had a bottom tooth coming in and in the past two weeks she has cut three more. She now has two on bottom and the two on top are breaking through. SOOO cute. She weighs a little less that 20 lbs and is in the 50% for weight...25% for height..and her head is in the 50%. So..she is just all over the board. She has started trying to crawl but usually just goes backward scooting around in circles. She laughs and for several weeks now has been saying DADA. She says MAMMA when she is sooo upset she cannot stand it but lately I say, "sydney say momma"...and she looks at her daddy and laughs and says, "dada". She says it nearly every time I ask her to. Her fav. baby food is pears, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, corn, and real green beans. I take tiny pieces off of our green beans and she eats them. We just really enjoy Syd and are thankful for how happy she is. She is really super easy and sleeps through the night and is just a real joy to our family.

Aspen is doing awesome! She is almost 3 and weighs 32 lbs. She is into order lately. She lines everything up in rows according to their kind. She has certain things that she loves everyday and once she decides that is the chosen thing of the day that is all she wants. She also has to have a daddy, mommy and baby of everything. We ate celery the other day and she wanted the baby and momma celery. They had pickles for snacks at VBS and instead of eating them she brought them home and said she wanted to sleep with the "pickle baby". We just recently bought her a pumpkin and I bought a big one, medium one, and baby one for her obsession. She has to have them all in a row watching her sleep...haha! I know sounds a little OCD, but I think she is just really in to order. She just started getting serious about potty training 3 days ago. I made her a chart she puts stickers on and she loves it. She knows when she has to go and has done awesome. She also says really funny things like: When she is talking to Guy and I sometimes she says, "honey can you do this" or "it's ok honey". I fed Sydney a few days ago and she said, "That was a good idea Nanny", and then patted me on the back. A few days ago we had this conversation:

Aspen: NO!!
ME: Aspen you are getting a spanking for saying No

after the spanking....

Me: I want you to start obeying me and not saying you understand me?
Aspen: NO!!!
Me: Aspen Belle what did you just say?
Aspen: NOOOOO Problem Nanny

She is too smart it scares me. She also like to say all the time, "I don't think so Mamma". She has no idea how to use this..she just randomly says it throughout the day. When she is crying she will say, "I don't want to be sad anymore"....haha! After our football game the other night she was crying and said, "I just need my sister!!! Sydney I just need to hold you me"....She really loves Syd and they enjoy taking baths every night and playing together. She is into Veggie tales, The Land Before Time, Toy always.., Frosty the Snowman, and Arthur. She has Toy Story memorized. Anyway, I could go on and on, but our girls are doing very well and are just loving life as we are too. God has been soo good to us!

our going away party for Chelsea

Going away party and drinking 20 below drinks

7 months old in an old dress of Aspen's

7 1/2 months old swimming in our pool

2 1/2 years old

Sydney 9 months old

crawling backwards

Keeping the daddy monster from coming in her room

I finally have Syd's room finished

Syd 8 months old

At our college students' frisbee tournament

frisbee tourney..they made our family t-shirts

Syd(8 mons) on daddy's computer

Aspen making a huge cupcake cake with me

Amy Shaw bought me this cupcake cake pan I wanted and I tried it tonight..I really don't want to eat all this though. I think i will take it to church tomorrow.

About to go to Memorial's Homecoming. our friend made Syd's bow

Aspen playing at the football game in the stands

Our friend Cassiana at college small group

We carved pumpkins at college small group

Aspen's potty chart

Syd and her baby pumpkin I bought her