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Friday, May 23, 2008

You guessed it. I am pregnant. I am a little over two months and I had my first dr. appt. a few days ago. My dr. did an ultra sound and I was able to see the baby and hear the heart beat. As many of you know I had a c-section with Aspen and so my dr. would prefer for me to have one with this new baby. I am scheduled for a c-section on Dec. 23rd. I am not sure how it has worked for me to have Aspen 2 days after Thanksgiving and this baby two days before Christmas. It is fitting though because I love holidays! Guy and I are thrilled and can't wait to introduce you to the other cutest baby in the whole world!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day and the BIG 29

Let me preface all of this with the statement that I have the most giving husband in the whole world. We had a really long weekend. I was in charge of decorating the church for our senior banquet on Saturday night. I spent all day Friday with my sweet hubby decorating and cleaning for the banquet. We were just absolutely exhausted when Saturday night was over because we literally have had one responsibility after another lately. Knowing that I was feeling overwhelmed and tired Guy surprised me by telling me that for Mothers Day and my Birthday (on May 12) he had made reservations at the Kemah Boardwalk Hotel for Sunday night after church. He even made arrangements for a friend to keep Aspen over night!! So, I was super excited and then Sunday afternoon Aspen came down with a fever and was acting really cranky. I did not think I would have a good time in a hotel knowing she was not feeling good so I asked Guy if we could bring her along. His response was, "she's my baby girl and I don't mind her being with us". We were worried she would have a bad time but when we got to Kemah she was actually really happy. For those of you that don't know, Kemah is a little town with a Boardwalk and amusement park right on the water. It is beautiful and has a lot of shopping and restaurants. The room Guy reserved had a balcony and when we walked in we could hear music playing from a band outside. Aspen was so excited and we sat outside and listened to the music. Monday morning we got up and drank a cup of coffee right on the water and enjoyed watching the waves. Aspen was so excited and kept running up and down the boardwalk screaming. All in all it was a great mother' day and birthday. My mom even made me a cake like she has every year. I love her cakes because she decorates them herself! Someone asked if I enjoyed our date night with Aspen with us. I couldn't help but say yes. I absolutely love being with my little family. Things are just not as much fun without my baby girl!
Our hotel from our balcony

Aspen listening to the band from our balcony

Monday, May 05, 2008

I love you daddy.......

Something wonderful happened for the
first time last night. Guy was lying Aspen in her crib and as I stood in the doorway I heard their little conversation. It went like this:

Guy - Good night Aspen
Aspen - Nigh Nigh
Guy - I love you baby girl
Aspen - DATTY??
Guy - Yes??
Aspen - I LUH U!!!

I really didn't know she was capable of saying I love you but since her first time yesterday it has become a new and frequent phrase. In fact, today she repeated the words, Rain, Good girl(goo gurl), Mornin', and No mam(no man) So cute! She even repeated me after I sang, "rain rain go away". she sang, "rain rain ohhhh aaa" She has been around several kids lately and has learned so many words. Last week we spent time with my cousin Melody and her daughter Jewls. Aspen was repeating everything Jewls did and said. Jewls has a puppy named Bella and Aspen was yelling, "BAYA BAYA". She just has so much spunk and is such a joy to be around!

My cousin Melody's husband took Aspen and Jewls' for a spin around the block.

Melody bought the girls some chalk and they had some fun drawing. The beautiful jeep behind Aspen went unused because Jewls was terrified when she pushed the gas and the jeep took off. Aspen looked a little stunned too but was also curious for more!

Her easter dress