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Monday, April 28, 2008



My great friend Lindsay is in South Africa as an aim student. We have been friends several years and always have too much fun when we are together. She was there for me when I was pregnant and even bought herself some maternity clothes :-O just to make me feel better when I first had to buy them. She has been in Africa for nearly a year and decided to take a break for a few weeks and come to America. Her friend Livia is graduating LCU very soon and Linds wanted to come surprise her for her graduation present, thus why I did not tell anyone that Lindsay was here. She spent 5 weeks in the states visiting friends and family and came to stay with us the first week she was here. I don't think I have laughed so much in a long time. Saturday night she flew back here to Houston to end her trip. We got one more fun night with her(by the way she had the flu) and then took her to the airport Sunday afternoon. Thanks for the trip Lindsay!

Monday, April 14, 2008


So, today for the first time in the Stover Family history, we put an offer on a house! AHHHH! We have been house hunting for a few weeks and we found the perfect one. My mom is our broker and she had us sign so many papers basically offering an amount to the owners of the house. We feel confidant that even at worst we could still afford this house and buy it! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! Maybe later on this week we can tell you if we will be signing a contract!

On to more important things. The above picture is telling of our lives lately. Aspen loves to play and so about every couple of days we take her to a park. This pic was taken by our friend Link at a park in Lubbock. Aspen loves to slide and swing with her daddy. Lately when Guy comes home from work, Aspen starts bouncing around and charges for the door screaming HI DATTY...HI DATTY! She is most definitely a Daddy's girl and I love every minute of it since I was and still am a Daddy's girl! I have much more to write, about youth ministry and life but I am extremely tired from a long day of checking houses out! So, for now I will just say have a great night sleep!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Camp Adventure, Easter, and Stats

I am always rushing to catch up with posting my blog. So much has taken place in our life and in the lives of those we care about in Houston and we have not had much time to sit and rest! Two and a half weeks ago a young girl who had been a member of our youth group last year, died in a tragic car accident. Our teens and church family were deeply affected by this loss and we have been humbled by the faith and strength of our teenagers who we love so much. Days after this took place, Guy and I took off for Lubbock to take our teens to camp adventure. This was a good thing for the teens to go to because it helped them through some difficult days and allowed them to have some fun. We especially enjoyed it and were reunited with many friends and family. We also greatly appreciated the encouragement that God blessed us with.
Kason Partlow, Aspen, and Eliana Wix

Aspen and her crazy cousins

Aspen and her Great Grandmother Johnson


The day after we left Lubbock, we took our exhausted teens to LTC(Leadership Training for Christ). They all performed in many events and we had so many gold medals. Aspen enjoyed being around the teens for so many days and just had a ball at the hotel in downtown Houston!

Saturday night a dear friend of mine came into town to see us for a week. Sunday morning we got up early and left the hotel and headed back to Pasadena. Sunday was Easter but it didn't feel much like it because we were all so tired and just wanted to rest. We did manage to hunt easter eggs a few days before Easter with some friends from church!Hunting eggs with the kids at church

Such a big girl holding her basket

Monday night my friend who is staying with us watch Aspen, and Guy and I attended a memorial service for our young teen who passed away. As we watched the slide show of Hannah growing up, I thought about Aspen and how God already knows her life that is ahead of her. It made Guy and I both so emotional thinking about how God has Hannah in his hands now and how that he holds all of us and knows what will happen to us before we do. God is so good to give us the time that we have together!
Friday my good friend left and life is back to being not so exciting and fast paced. I will write more about my surprise visitor later!


Aspen is growing everyday and becoming so talkative and adventurous. She began walking...NAY RUNNING on March 12th and has not stopped since. She stands on her toy cars and thinks it is funny to climb on the couch and jump off head first. Her newest words are: NO NO, Bath(BA), PINK(Peeenk), Guy(GIIIII), Thank you(TAY TOO), Water(WA WA). She looked at a book today that is pink and shouted, "PINK". I don't think I have really ever said that before. Then in church on Sunday she saw Guy stand up in church and she shouted, "GUY, GUY, GUY!!!" It was pretty cute! I also said to her today, "do you want to go home?" She said, "NOOOOOOOO". Then I said, "do you want a bath?" She answered, "BA???" She gets very excited about her bath!