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Thursday, July 17, 2008

New House, Pics of Aspen, and Update on Pregnancy

Hello people! Sorry it has been so long. Over the past 6 weeks we moved into our first house, started our dr. appointments for Baby #2, had 3 separate groups of house guests, and started our summer madness with the teens. Things have been nutty and so I apologize for not writing! I will begin with the house. We love our new home. After much paint and hard work we moved into our beautiful home on Kensington Place. Our home is in a pretty subdivision on a quiet street in the vicinity of NASA. Aspen has a big backyard and plenty of shade from our trees to play all day!

I am now 16 weeks pregnant and things are starting off pretty much like Aspen did. I am sad to say it, but I am very sick and have actually lost nearing 16 lbs. The baby is healthy though and is a squirmmer. It takes forever to find his/her heartbeat because of all the movement. The dr. will probably deliver me c-section on Dec. 26th now. He says he wants me to enjoy Christmas along with other reasons! We find out what the baby is on August 4th. YAY!!!

My sweet 19 month old girl is more talkative than ever! We are so proud of her speech. She says everything and is even trying sentences out! Today she mimicked a song and said, "I'm a daddy's darling". She has a ton of teeth not even sure what she is missing but she is really eating a lot of things now. We went to the beach with the teens the other day and it was so neat because we all sat to have a devo and sing, and Aspen went and sat by her daddy and just watched the teens and tried to sing with them. I had a moment where I just thanked God for allowing my baby to be in the presence of good kids and to learn about being a Christian from them. God has been so good to us!

Aspen and Lauren; Aspen at the devo; with Lauren; with Cassiana and Lauren
On the 4th of July at Mimi and Grandpa's house in College Station
The new house with our two week old couches..WHOO HOO!