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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our family and one month old Sydney

These are just a few pics from this week. Sydney is a month old and in all of these pics she is between 4 weeks old. Aspen is wearing a princess dress in most of these pics and it is not because I never change her clothes. She LOVES to dress up and if I could describe her in any word it would be PRINCESS!!!!! Every morning no matter what we have dressed her in she wants to wear her pink princess dress that she calls, "wings" because it has wings that attach but that she never wants on...Go figure!! So...we let her wear this around the house everyday and occasionally to Starbucks or to the church to see Guy at work. On Sunday mornings we put our foot down about this and she is always a little sad that she cannot wear her wings there!! She is such a fun little girl these days. She loves to watch a movie or cartoon on Guy's laptop an hour before bedtime to relax. She always asks Guy to lay down with her and she says this.."Daddy, lay room and puncuter me". This means, "lay down and let me watch the computer but she calls a computer a "puncuter". She also all day long chases me around saying, "Nanny...hold you me" I love the way she is trying to form sentences and how they come out. She is a huge cuddler still and wants Guy or I to hold her and cuddle everyday. I LOVE THIS!!! She also loves Sydney and always says, "SINNY come here!!" Sydney is a great baby and we have really loved having our little family. Things are getting more normal and this transition has gone remarkably well! I think we can thank God for that!!! We prayed a lot!!! Also the last pic is of our whole family at church. On Sunday the elders had all the families with babies and children to come on the stage and they prayed for us and for our babies to love God and to marry Godly spouses one day. It was so awesome and we really appreciated it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long Awaited Pics of Miss Sydney Claire

So, Sydney is now 3 weeks old and we are loving every minute of our lives with her. Aspen has finally adjusted and loves to kiss her sister and grab at all of her extremities. It gets a bit scary at times but Aspen is learning to be gentle and she constantly asks Sydney to come play with her. I am doing great and have recovered pretty well from my surgery. We are not sleeping too much at night but hey we expected that so this new baby has not been too big a shock to our systems. Yes my Christmas Tree is still up and will remain that way until we have a free second to take it down. Actually some of the teens we work with have suggested that they come over and take our Christmas stuff down. That would be nice. The pics on here are from the most recent to when she was one day old. These first few pics are of her at 3 weeks old and the last few are the first week! She is now 3 1/2 weeks old. I think she weighs around 8 lbs now and is 20 inches long! A far cry from 6lbs 8 ounces and 18 inches long.