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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family pics and pics of the Girls

We decided to go get some professional pics of our family on Sydney's 8 week birthday because she is just growing too fast and I feared I would never do it. I was happy with how they turned out. It is so difficult to get good pics with two little girls but after a ton of shots we have a few that are pretty good! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day and Sisterly Love

Valentine's Day is always a fun time for our family but was especially fun this year. Guy bought me red roses and took his three girls out on a date. We went to eat and then went to the mall for a little shopping. I had so much fun dressing my girls up and enjoying being with Guy! Sydney wore a pink dress I bought her and Aspen wore a new skirt and shirt that said, "Daddy's sweetheart". That night Guy and I had what we like to call date night at home. We put the kids to bed and then order food from a good restaraunt and rent a movie. Since having kids, we don't always want to find babysitters every time we want to go on a date so we started doing an at home date night a couple of years ago! So much FUN!

Sydney is 8 weeks old tomorrow and is just such a sweetheart. I was sick today and had a dr. appt. and I took her with me. She didn't cry at all but just patiently sat with me for 2 hours in the waiting room. LONG WAIT right? I was worried that she would get fussy but she was sweet as can be. Aspen spent the day with daddy at work and didn't want to leave the church because she was having so much fun! When we got home tonight I took a few pics of the girls together. Aspen enjoys loving on Sydney and helping her find her pacy! Such a great big sister!!

Sydney and I dressed up for Valentine's Day

My two girls in their outfits

Aspen in her cute V-Day outfit

My beautiful roses

Pretty blue eyed baby

Sydney is just so calm with Aspen

Loving on sissy

Here's your pacy Sydney

My sweet 8 week old girl

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sydney is 7 weeks and Aspen is 27 months
Well things are moving right along in the Stover family! Aspen had a birthday party to go to this week. It was princess themed so she was quite happy. It was also Sydney's first birthday party and she wore a little dress and even got a party favor bag. How cool is that?? I weighed her today and she is 12 lbs which is much more than I thought but I am not at all surprised either. She feels pretty heavy! After the party we bought a kite. Guy looked at pretty princess ones for her, but she wanted a Buzz Lightyear one of course. He is her hero and favor character ever! So today we finally took the kite out for a spin. Aspen liked it for about 5 minutes but I was in heaven so I flew it a while and then in an effort to chase Aspen because she was getting away, the kite got stuck on a powerline. I quickly let go so I wouldn't get electricuted and the kite wrapped around it. So...we lost the kite but as far as I know it is still flying over in Crenshaw Park! Sad story. Anyway, things are going well with our two little ladies. We are meeting our small group friends at Chic Fila tonight for dinner so the girls will get some playtime in with their friends! Enjoy the pictures!

I am trying to get a non crying pic with her face toward the camera!

Not yet.....

YAY - good pic Sydney

Her princess dress for the b-day party

Our pretty princess who likes quite sad. She was a bit shy and it took her a while to hang with the other kids!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Sydney is 6 weeks old and Aspen is adorable!
Well, Syd is 6 weeks old this week. She seems to really look at us and notices when we walk in the room. If I am talking she arches her head to see me. I love this. Sometimes I find myself just wanting to hold her and never let go. She is such a cuddly little thing and I really want to soak up all the time with her at this age. She is growing too fast! Everyone has asked me how this transition too two children has been and I have to say it has been phenomenal. Aspen was sick with acid reflux and cried so much the first few months that I think we were thrown into difficulties right away. Sydney does seem to have a few tummy problems but she does not cry non stop like Aspen did. I think since Aspen was such a challenge at first that we feel like Sydney is a breeze. We just love having 2 kids. I also feel sooooo much better than I did while pregnant and so I have a ton more energy to deal with 2 kids! God is good!!! Aspen is doing wonderful. One of our college students that Aspen adores came home this week and so Aspen has had a good few days. We took her to the park to play with Lauren on Thursday and then Thursday night our college students came over for small group and Aspen had tons of fun with them. In the bottom pictures Aspen is eating spaghetti with Nathan and sitting with Kayla at our bar. She loves the college students!!!