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Monday, October 13, 2008

28 and a half weeks pregnant

I had to write today because every day I feel Sydney bumping around in my stomach but today was different. She usually just kinda pops me really hard and startles me. Today I was sitting in my chair during Aspen's nap time honestly just thinking about Sydney. I had my shirt pulled up where I could look at my stomach and she started doing the smoothest big movements. I could see a large wave go over my stomach and when I put my hand on my stomach I could feel what felt like an elbow going by slowly. She usually is asleep or still in the morning but today I got a show. She did these slow strong movements for about an hour and I just sat there mesmerized. When Guy came home I said that I accomplished nothing during Aspen's nap time which is usually my time to clean and get things done. As sick as I have been in this pregnancy I had a sweet moment today where I just really enjoyed having Sydney with me and in a way I didn't want to rush the pregnancy. There is something so indescribable about a baby inside of you. God is so good to give me two little girls. On another note my Aspen is the greatest encouragement to me. Lately I have started to get sick a lot like with morning sickness but all day. When I feel like I just need to lie down Aspen always comes in and says, "Hi Nanny....HAND???" I walk somewhere with her and she just wants to show me everything. When I have morning sickness she sits on the floor and holds my leg and says, "Sawey Nanny or Nanny sick". It is neat how God gives us such little people for inspiration!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Well, we have had a full week as you will see in all these pics. Aspen is now 22 months old and is such a beautiful little girl. She is into everything and wants to help out so much. Today she helped me make mashed potatoes and last week we made muffins. She threw the blueberries in. As any ornery two year old she gets into trouble from time to time but it is so sweet when she realizes this and apologizes. Last night she did a few things that resulted in a spanking and time out. We sat her on the couch and she could not move until she told Guy she was sorry. She would not even look at him for at least 10 mins. I would not let her up and so finally she said, "Nanny, sorry". I said, "that is fine, but you must tell daddy that you are sorry". I carried her to Guy and ever so softly she said, "sawey daddy". It was so sweet and made me proud of her. I love just being with her and watching her do new things. Last night she wanted to skate on our tile and she fell down so many times but just kept getting back up. She kept saying, "I kating". Totally off the subject, but I am now 27 weeks pregnant and the baby is doing great. The dr. has scheduled my c-section on the books officially for 7:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve. We cannot beleive we will have a little Christmas baby! I am feeling pretty good and am just focusing on enjoying Aspen and being with her these last few months before she gets a new sister! ENJOY THE PICS. THERE ARE SEVERAL!!

Going to church

27 weeks Baby

Us at the Memorial High School; Game on Friday. We wore matching bows in our hair

Enjoy football game popcorn for SUPPER!!

She wears this bucket on her head constantly and calls it her HAT

Skating in her dinner stained pajamas

Wearing mommy's high heels

It rained today and she loves to wear her raincoat

Wearing her raincoat in the house of all things. She cries when I take it off.

Helping me make mashed potatoes. She handed me the potatoes to peel and then placed them in a bowl after they were cute. She kept saying, "PEETAYTOES".